by the admin guy
2 minutes

The first leg of the trip has begun... and sitting on a Sunday afternoon on the porch of my Kampala hotel, i take pleasure in watching the street in front of me. 

Rugaba road is busy. Cars, mini and maxi busses - some with heaps if goods loaded on the roof, people on foot, on or pushing bicycles and motorbikes. Some used as ota-bota moto-taxis, others ferrying goods, family  and kids around. 

I like sitting on a street side, watching the unknown pass by. Not bothered by an excess of local knowledge, I can happily imagine the lives of the people in my field of view.  Where is the guy pushing a bike-load of bananas too? Is the girl on the back of the motorbike his girlfriend? Church clothes lady looks her best and knows it. 

But (in my mind) people everywhere are very much alike. The intricacies of culture and custom are the purview of scholars - to the casual observer, watching the world roll by in a few moments, people are happy, or not, doing business or family stuff, generally behaving with a sense if purpose. 

The news on the international tv stations holds little meaning on a street like this - BA cancelled all flights to Cairo or the ‘world’ is one step closer to conflict with Iran. In Rubaga street, people do what they have always done - live their lives - maybe concerned, certainly not ignorant of world affairs, but just as everywhere else, the have other preoccupations. 

As I said, I am just a casual observer and I am generalizing and imputing my own thoughts into their actions - but such is the luxury of a lazy Sunday afternoon. In Kampala.