Mali revisited (2)

Last real evening in Mali... tomorrow I am going home. A last drink & surprise.

Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger... the Sahel quagmire (1)

The woes of the Sahel are... God I don't even know where to even to begin...

Mali revisited

A mix of dirt, petrol fumes, burning plastic... the smell of Bamako. You never get used to it

Data collection in fragile states

DATA COLLECTION IN FRAGILE STATES - Innovations from Africa and Beyond

Communicating with consultants... a common courtesy!

As consultants, we are at the 'mercy' of the framework contract beneficiaries and clients

Voices of Irregular African Migrants to Europe

Study reveals strong links between migration and development


Sitting under the 'paillote' at a hotel, my love for going to the field is only strengthened


The first leg ... sitting on a Sunday afternoon on the porch of my Kampala hotel

"Professors need to be entertaining," students say

".It's the instructors' responsibility to motivate students not to use technology in class"

Evaluations for Council of Europe in Albania and Montenegro

We recently completed two Rule-of-Law evaluations for the Council of Europe.

A series of training sessions were well-received by Viet Nam Statisticians

Aries Consult provided a 7-day training course on data visualisation and analytics in Vietnam

How open data can help, from disaster relief to voter turnout

Can open data change the world? An article from 'The Conversation' on the hype.

How social media data can improve lives...

In its “Missing Maps” project, the Red Cross uses Facebook’s data to map vulnerability.