Mrs. Clemence BUNUNAGI is an expert in gender issues - and a recognised authority on the rights of women and girls. A Burundian teacher by training, with both classroom and school management experience, Clemence found herself a new calling when working with UN Aids in Burundi as the Gender adviser and the inclusion and protection of women and girls.

Since then, she  has worked extensively in ‘the institutions' and as an independent consultant: as an adviser and as an evaluator - in all our work, we consult with Clemence will work on the data collection tools, on the data analysis protocols, and on the assessment of the gender perspective in all deliverables. She also contributes to the field manual and training modules for the Field Researchers.

We will also rely on Mrs. Bununagi’s experience as a teacher and (boarding) school director for assessments of education - and connected issues such as GBV/sexual and reproductive health in educational settings.