Mid-term evaluation of KOICA community stabilisation project

Mid-term evaluation of KOICA community stabilisation project


COUNTRY: Central African Republic
START - END DATE: December 2021-February 2022
VALUE (EUR): 21,500.00 €

The projects deploy a holistic approach that aim to restore basic social and economic services through the construction/rehabilitation of prioritised community infrastructures using the Cash-for-Work (CfW) approach, engagement of unemployed youth in professional/skills training programs and the establishment of local enterprises for selected beneficiaries as Income-Generating Activities (IGA).

These activities are accompanied by capacity building of local authorities, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Local Committees and the communities at large through training, awareness raising sessions and social cultural activities.

The joint evaluation with the evaluation of the EU-funded project will maximise time and resources  It will be important to conduct joint evaluation in order to compare the data and the progress both projects are making. Lessons learnt from the evaluation will allow the implementation team to derive operational recommendations in a holistic manner for all intervention zones.

Improving the Resilience of Marginalised Communities in Ouham Pende Region, Central African Republic / KOICA

  • Output 1.1: Set up of representative Local Committees (LC) in all targeted communities
  • Output 1.2: Essential social services are restored through participative rehabilitations of critical infrastructures
  • Output 1.3: The socialisation of beneficiaries and community members is reinforced
  • Output 2.1: Local market study of existing economic opportunities for IGAs carried out
  • Output 2.2: Beneficiaries implement IGAs
  • Output 2.3: Local capacity to prevent and respond to SGBV is strengthened
  • Output 2.4: The social cohesion, peaceful coexistence, use of community dialogue for settlement of intercommunal disputes and rejection of violence are strengthened

The mid – term evaluation of the EU-funded project will consider all project outputs and results. The purpose of the mid – term evaluation is to provide a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the achievement of project results, to inform and internalize lessons learned and recognize good practices to improve future project development and especially operational implementation. The evaluation also aims to assess the progress made so far in the implementation of the activities.

Cross-cutting themes, such as Gender, Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP), Rights-Based Approach, Environment shall be evaluated, as well.

The evaluation aims to identify lessons learned and best practices, as well as to propose operational recommendations for project design and implementation during the remaining period and for future projects.

  • The evaluation criteria are as follows:
  • Relevance of the project's planned results/outcomes.
  • Coherence of the project.
  • Effectiveness of project implementation.
  • Modalities of internal management and efficiency
  • Gender and cross-cutting issues, including RBA and AAP