Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide monitoring and evaluation services that can help organisations really learn something about the implementation, results and impacts of their projects. We work with the client, the stakeholders and the beneficiaries to yield both quantitative and qualitative information.

Our tested and tried approach - and the data-collection tools we build - have proven to yield timely, accurate and actionable information. In COVID-19 times, we have used the first months of 2020 to refine our remote data collection methods and the solutions we now use - even 'on the ground' have actually added value rather than being a stopgap solution.

Monitoring missions

Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation of your projects and programmes regarding the resources, implementation, results and impacts.

Mid-term and Final evaluations

Conducting detailed studies to facilitate decision-making: needs assessments, baselines, social impact assessments, conflict analysis, socio-anthropological studies

Participatory evaluations

We promote participation, communication and transparency, with all stakeholders and beneficiaries to be able find and triangulate information directly from those involved.

M & E Methodology development

We create methodologies, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches, to collect relevant data and we work with all stakeholders to provide the best approach to find out actionable information.

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