Report writing

Report writing

We also write reports - and report writing requires a certain set of knowledge and skills to produce a well-structured, readable analysis of an issue. Our reports extend beyond the provision of the basic ideas to encompass further analysis of these ideas.

As a rule, report writing takes lots of time, focus, and attention. When turning to our report writing help, you can be sure that all texts will be written without any imperfections, that we adhere to a strict structure and  logical order. The language we use - be it English or French* will be crisp and clear. 

These are the typical elements that we recommend for every report:

  • Summary: A short description of the issues covered, the main results obtained, and a short overview of conclusions and recommendations.
  • Introduction. In this section, we provide a brief overview of the report and its parts.
  • Body: In the main part of the report, we provide the conducted research with facts and their analysis. The text should be properly organized, follow a logical order, and divided into sub-sections for better clarity.
  • Conclusion. Here, we highlight the main findings and conclusions, encouraging readers to analyze their own.
  • Recommendations. They should indicate the suggestions of what should be completed and done on the topic.

Additionally, we can provide also

  • Bibliography
  • Appendices. The final part of the report includes additional information that makes the report solid but shouldn’t be introduced in the main sections, such as original terms of reference, tables, statistics, lists of people consulted etc.

* We can also provide report writing services in Arabic, Dutch, German, Spanish and Portuguese