Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

We provide monitoring and evaluation services that can help organisations really learn something about the implementation, results and impacts of their projects. We work with the client, the stakeholders and the beneficiaries to yield both quantitative and qualitative information.

Our tested and tried approach - and the data-collection tools we build - have proven to yield timely, accurate and actionable information. In COVID-19 times, we have used the first months of 2020 to refine our remote data collection methods and the solutions we now use - even 'on the ground' have actually added value rather than being a stopgap solution.

Monitoring missions

Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation of your projects and programmes regarding the resources, implementation, results and impacts.

Mid-term and Final evaluations

Conducting detailed studies to facilitate decision-making: needs assessments, baselines, social impact assessments, conflict analysis, socio-anthropological studies

Participatory evaluations

We promote participation, communication and transparency, with all stakeholders and beneficiaries to be able find and triangulate information directly from tgose involved.

M & E Methododology development

We create methodologies, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches, to collect relevant data and we work with all stakeholders to provide the best approach to find out actionable information.

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Social research

We carry out social research to develop a better understanding of society and to help organisations make decisions about their programmes, the needs and expectations of beneficiaries and potential barriers. Our research programmes include individual, community and society level perspectives on a wide range of (societal) issues.

Our research is grounded in and contributing to theory, and applying and developing a range of approaches and using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods.

Baseline studies

Evidence-based baseline studies on the socio-economic situation that can map what exists - as well as gaps - before embarking on project implementation.

Needs assessments

A needs assessment is the “what” that precedes the gap analysis, which is the “how” to close the gap between where the organization, programme or projects is currently and where it wants or needs to be.

Socio-anthropological studies

We help study how societies vary in how they organise themselves, their cultural practices and their religious, political and economic arrangements to find approaches that work.

Social impact studies

Social impact studies - based on solid field work and a participatory process - allow to identify the risks, opportunities and benefits, while planning for (potential) impacts.

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Data collection and management

We offer both the people and the tools for collecting data in the field. We use KoboCollect, an online/offline mobile data-collection platform for field work. The advantage of KoBo is that surveys can be conducted offline and uploaded once internet connection is again achieved. Thus, data collection in the field is independent of mobile or data networks.

Aries Consulting also has a network of field researchers across the continent - the Africa Research Network - which grew out of a need to have reliable people for our own projects and now spans the whole conteinent. With more than 5000 vetted field staff, we can ensure rapid deployment of qualified local field capacity for quantitative and qualitative data collection.

Field data that we gather needs to serve a purpose and our team of analysists is involved from the start. They contribute their insights before we develop data collection tools, develop the best analyis approaches and help define ideal sampling strategies. Filed data is combined and triangulated with official statistics, open source data collected insights we gained in similar projects or geographical areas.

We also use our site-visit reports and photographic confirmation to ensure we can paint a complete picture.

Our data management policies are based on confidentiality, ethical principles, international standards and national legislation; we apply GDPR Standards wherever possible.

Field researcher selection

Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation of your projects and programmes

Data collection

We offer both the people and the tools for collecting data in the field. We can help vet and select, train, deploy field staff ... and thus help you ensure data quality.

Data management & Analysis

Effective, innovative collection and management of data for monitoring, evaluation or social research and management of field researchers.

Data collection strategy & training

The success of mobile field data collection exercises also depends on a well-prepared deployment plan and supporting logistics - and on well-trained field staff.

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Strategy, Consulting and Training

We understand that sometimes organisations need just a bit of help in improving their operations and that advice from other practicionners is all they need. That is where our experts can help. All of us have worked in the aid and development sector and we have learned, sometimes failed, adapted, and condensed our experiences into a degree of wisdom that can help others.

None of us in the team knows all - but one of our favourite pass-times is bouncing ideas off one another... and then distill what works into actionable strategies, learning modules and training.

Strategic consulting

Based on our - or your - research on the needs of a project, we can assist with the design and implementation of aid projects, capacity building or training for projects and programmes and their staff.

Strategic communication

Whether you need to communicate on your development aid project, on your organisation or on the latest monitoring report, contact us to develop a sensible communication strategy.

Capacity building

We can work with your organisation to enhance the capacity of staff as well as of beneficiaries in a wide range of issues. We provide both training modules or can accompany you longterm.

Training development & delivery

We look forward to hearing from you about your training needs and how we can work together to support your - and design effective and attractive training programmes.

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