Social research

Social research

We carry out social research to develop a better understanding of society and to help organisations make decisions about their programmes, the needs and expectations of beneficiaries and potential barriers. Our research programmes include individual, community and society level perspectives on a wide range of (societal) issues.

Our research is grounded in and contributing to theory, and applying and developing a range of approaches and using qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods.

Baseline studies

Evidence-based baseline studies on the socio-economic situation that can map what exists - as well as gaps - before embarking on project implementation.

Needs assessments

A needs assessment is the “what” that precedes the gap analysis, which is the “how” to close the gap between where the organization, program or projects is currently and where it wants or needs to be.

Socio-anthropological studies

We help study how societies vary in how they organise themselves, their cultural practices and their religious, political and economic arrangements to find approaches that work.

Social impact studies

Social impact studies - based on solid field work and a participatory process - allow to identify the risks, opportunities and benefits, while planning for (potential) impacts.

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