Strategy, Consulting and Training

Strategy, Consulting and Training

We understand that sometimes organisations need just a bit of help in improving their operations and that advice from other practitioners is all they need. That is where our experts can help. All of us have worked in the aid and development sector and we have learned, sometimes failed, adapted, and condensed our experiences into a degree of wisdom that can help others.

None of us in the team knows all - but one of our favourite pass-times is bouncing ideas off one another... and then distil what works into actionable strategies, learning modules and training.

Strategic consulting

Based on our - or your - research on the needs of a project, we can assist with the design and implementation of aid projects, capacity building or training for projects and programmes and their staff.

Strategic communication

Whether you need to communicate on your development aid project, on your organisation or on the latest monitoring report, contact us to develop a sensible communication strategy.

Capacity building

We can work with your organisation to enhance the capacity of staff as well as of beneficiaries in a wide range of issues. We provide both training modules or can accompany you for the long term.

Training development & delivery

We look forward to hearing from you about your training needs and how we can work together to support your - and design effective and attractive training programmes.

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