Final evaluation of EU community stabilisation project

Final evaluation of EU-funded Community Violence Reduction project for IOM CAR

Impact study of the IOM Niger community engagement program

A perception/impact study of the community engagement program implemented by IOM

Improving the national human trafficking data collection in CAR

Support UNODC CAR with a human trafficking data collection and analysis system

UNHAS... the UN airline that goes boldly where no one wants to fly

UNHAS - the UN Humanitarian Air Service - makes the world go around

Baseline study on Social Cohesion in Niger

A baseline study on Social Cohesion for an IOM CVE project in Kollo department in Niger.

Mapping: Missing Migrants in Mali and Niger

Consultant to map actors working on missing migrants in Mali and Niger

Aries Consult on TV in Mali: Talking about Missing Migrants

Short TV appearance of Aries Consult's lead researcher on Missing Migrants in the Sahel.

Evaluation of PBF-funded community stabilisation project

Evaluation of a PBF-funded Community Violence Reduction project in Bambari, CAR.

Evaluation of IOM demobilisation project in CAR funded by PBF

Evaluation of PBF-funded IOM demobilisation and reintegration project in CAR, .

ACERWC Continental Assessment Report on the Impact of COVID-19

We are proud to see the report on the impact of COVID on children in Africa adopted .

Final evaluation of IOM's MIRAA-3 project in Niger

IOM requested us to evaluate a Migration Rescue and Assistance Project.

Mid-term evaluation of KOICA community stabilisation project

Community Violence Reduction project funded by KIOCA.for IOM CAR

Mid-term evaluation of EU community stabilisation project

Community Violence Reduction project funded by the European Union.for IOM CAR

Aries Consult: final evaluation for the Red Cross in Togo

The final evaluation for the German Red Cross on Disaster Resilience Management in Togo

Impact of COVID-19 on the rights of children in Africa

Continent-wide study on the impact of COVID on the rights & well-being of children in Africa.