Empowering the Aid and Development Community across Africa

Empowering the Aid and Development Community across Africa

After a brief break marked by introspection and strategic recalibration, we are delighted to announce that Aries Consult Ltd has returned - and with a newfound energy that promises to propel our services to new heights. We have spent the last few months doing introspective analysis, reevaluating our methodology, and exploring novel alternatives to better serve the aid and development community.

As we begin this exciting new chapter, we ask you to join us on our journey of growth, innovation, and positive transformation. Together, we can use knowledge, insight, and teamwork to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and create long-term success.

Empowering the Aid and Development Community across Africa: Partner with Aries Consult for Robust M&E and Research Services

Leveraging a Network of Over 13,500 Field Staff Across Africa: Aries Consult Ltd. is redefining how we deliver Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research (M&E) services for the development community in Africa. With a team of over 13.000 experienced field staff spread across 42 countries, we offer unparalleled reach and in-depth understanding of the African context.

With data collectors in 42 African countries, we have a huge reach and enormous potential for positive change. However, we recognise that progress must be undertaken with caution, monitored precisely, and sustained responsibly. We strongly think that growth should never be pursued for its own sake. Instead, it should be pursued with an unwavering dedication to sustainability, honesty, and ethical behaviour.

We are not just returning after a period of strategic renewal; we're coming back stronger and more committed than ever to supporting impactful development initiatives across the continent.

A Commitment to Excellence and Equity

At Aries Consult Ltd., we believe that a diverse workforce fuels our success. We actively promote inclusion and strive for a minimum of 50% female field staff. Mixed teams ensure a wider range of perspectives for more robust data collection and analysis.  We recognize that a diverse workforce brings unique experiences and skills that are essential to high-quality M&E. We will actively seek out and support the hiring, promotion, and retention of women and other underrepresented groups.

Our  field staff are not just data collectors; they are local experts deeply embedded within the communities we serve and research. This deep understanding transcends language fluency.  They possess the cultural nuances, historical knowledge, and socio-economic realities that are crucial for sensitive and insightful research.  This local grounding allows them to navigate complex situations, build trust with participants, and gather data that reflects the true voice of the community.  By employing local researchers, we ensure your project avoids cultural missteps and captures the rich context that is essential for high-quality, impactful research.

Proven Expertise in M&E:  Some examples of our work across Africa

Our team has a track record in developing and conducting evaluations (impact, process) for leading organizations across Africa. Here are just a few examples of our  projects:

Conflict and Stabilization:

  • Central African Republic (CAR): Final evaluations of projects focused on community stabilization, violence reduction, and ex-combatant reintegration for IOM CAR.
  • Mali: Conducted a complex multi-dimensional crisis analysis, including the conflicts throughout the country, for Mercy Corps Mali.

Migration and Displacement:

  • Niger and Mali: Mapped actors working on migrant disappearance to inform improved protection and migration governance (IOM Mali & Niger).
  • Niger: Conducted perception/impact studies of IOM's community engagement program and a baseline study on social cohesion for a CVE project (IOM Niger).
  • Niger: Final evaluation of the Migrant Rescue and Assistance in Agadez Region (MIRAA) program (IOM Niger).

Governance and Human Rights:

  • Central African Republic (CAR): Supported UNODC CAR in improving the national data collection system on human trafficking.
  • Niger: Conducted anthropological research on the determinants of low civil registry use for UNICEF Niger.
  • Niger: Independent final evaluations of UNICEF projects focused on youth and women's participation in peaceful conflict resolution (UNICEF Niger with Accenture).

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction:

  • Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi): Mid-term evaluation of a disaster preparedness program for the Belgian Red Cross Flanders.
  • Malawi: Final evaluation of the ECHO-funded "Enhancing Resilience in Malawi" project for the Belgian Red Cross Flanders.
  • Togo: Final evaluation of the Climate Change Adaptation and Capacity Building project for the German Red Cross/Togolese Red Cross.
  • All of the continent: Assessed the impact of COVID-19 on the rights and welfare of children in Africa for GIZ.

Peacebuilding and Civil Society:

  • Sudan: Led the writing of the Sudan Civic Space Index Report for SUDIA.
  • Libya: Developed and facilitated a Training-of-Trainers program on peacebuilding and critical soft skills for IOM Libya.
  • Lake Victoria Basin: Developed and implemented a project communication strategy for the Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme.
  • Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger: Baseline study for a project on strengthening collaboration between security forces and communities (Search for Common Ground).

This list represents just a fraction of our experience. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in research and M&E across various sectors and contexts in Africa.

Partner with Us for Impactful Data Collection and M&E:

While some organizations prefer in-house research, all projects require skilled data collectors.  Partner with Aries Consult to leverage our network.  Our diverse and experienced teams possess the cultural understanding, language skills, and local knowledge  to ensure high-quality data collection,  be it enumerations, focus group discussions, or in-depth interviews.  Request a Collaboration to discuss how  our expertise can strengthen your next M&E project.

Nevertheless, our services go beyond data collection.  We offer a comprehensive suite of M&E solutions, including:

  • Developing Monitoring Frameworks: We work with you to design clear, measurable indicators that track project progress and impact.
  • Conducting Rigorous Evaluations: Our team has expertise in both impact and process evaluations, ensuring you gain valuable insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of your projects.
  • Utilizing Research to Inform Project Design: We believe research is a cornerstone of successful development initiatives. We use data-driven insights to inform project design and ensure interventions are culturally appropriate and address the most pressing needs.

We are driven by a vision of sustainable development. We believe in responsible data collection practices that respect participant privacy and uphold ethical research principles.

Join Us on the Journey to Positive Transformation:

We are passionate about making a positive difference in Africa.  By partnering with Aries Consult, you gain access to a dedicated team of M&E professionals who share your commitment to impactful development.

Together, we can:

  • Strengthen accountability and transparency in development projects.
  • Gain valuable insights to inform evidence-based decision making.
  • Drive positive change and improve the lives of communities across Africa.

Ready to take your development project to the next level?  Contact Aries Consult today to discuss your specific M&E needs and how we can help you achieve measurable impact.